Problem with result 0 in c4droid

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problem result c4droid droid

The code is as follows :
float l, lw, dw, b;
float w, d, D;
int i=1;
int main(){
while (i>0){
printf("\n Welcome to the ship information quick design module \n");
printf(" Input order :\t Waterline length :");
scanf("%f", &l);
printf("\n\t\t Waterline aspect ratio :");
scanf("%f", &lw);
printf("\n\t\t Draft to waterline width ratio :");
scanf("%f", &dw);
printf("\n\t\t Square coefficient :");
scanf("%f", &b);
w = 1.0 / lw * l;
d = w * dw;
D = l * w * d * b;
printf("\n\n The information about the hull is as follows :");
printf("\n Waterline length :\t\t%f", &l);
printf("\n Waterline width :\t\t%f", &w);
printf("\n Draft :\t\t%f", &d);
printf("\n\n Aspect ratio :\t\t%f", &lw);
printf("\n Draft to waterline width ratio :\t%f", &dw);
printf("\n\n displacement :\t\t%f", &D);
printf("\n\n Enter any number for the next operation ");
scanf("%d", &i);
i = 1;

The operation diagram is as follows


Refer to the answer 1:

When outputting , Don't add address symbols &

Refer to the answer 2:

Refer to the answer 3:

printf("\n Waterline length :\t\t%f", &l);
Change it to
printf("\n Waterline length :\t\t%f", l);
The later ones are the same ,printf Floating point output does not need to add &

Refer to the answer 4:
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