Using C language to find the intersection and of lines in two-dimensional array

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using language intersection lines two-dimensional

Each row of a two-dimensional array holds a set of integers , share 5 A collection of , Each set contains 5 Elements . Write a program to find the intersection of these five sets , And the number of elements in the intersection . The so-called intersection means that all appear here at the same time 5 A collection of elements in a collection . The five sets are : {12,35,3,9,0},{2,35,9,12,1},{35,12,0,1,9},{4,90,35,9,12},{11,9,0,12,35}

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Define a function to find the intersection of two arrays , A two-dimensional array is nothing more than recycling the intersection of two arrays and finding the intersection of the next array

#include <stdio.h>void jj(int *a,int *b,int *c,int *n){ int i,j,k=0; for(i=0;i<*n;i++) for(j=0;j<5;j++) { if(a[i] == b[j]) { c[k++] = b[j]; break; } } *n = k;}int main(){ int a[5][5] = {
11,9,0,12,35}}; int b[5],i; int n = 5; for(i=0;i<4;i++) { if(i==0) jj(a[i],a[i+1],b,&n); else jj(b,a[i+1],b,&n); } printf("%d\n",n); for(i=0;i<n;i++) printf("%d ",b[i]); return 0;}

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