Get geetest slider verification picture problem

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geetest slider verification picture problem

More recently GEETEST Slider verification problem , I have climbed many articles and mentioned the use of PIL Cubby's approach to slider images and background gap images
But it seems that the new version of slider verification is different from the previous one. I checked the web source code and found the following

<canvas class="geetest_canvas_bg geetest_absolute" height="160" width="260"></canvas> # Gap background picture <canvas class="geetest_canvas_slice geetest_absolute" width="260" height="160"></canvas> # Slider picture <canvas class="geetest_canvas_fullbg geetest_fade geetest_absolute" height="160" width="260" style="display: none;"></canvas> # Notchless background 

I try to use Selenium in element.screenshot But I can't get the above three pictures
Also try to use ScreenShot But because the three pictures are stacked together, they can't be separated into three pictures
I try to use Chrome Inspect The function determines that there are pictures dynamically generated and synthesized PNG files
Is there any way to get these three pictures ?

Refer to the answer 1:

A solution has been found = = 》 download CANVAS picture

Refer to the answer 2:
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