Abnormal error in Ubuntu wsl2 GUI installation xfce4. How to deal with it?

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The phenomenon and background of the problem
Operation results and error reporting contents
My solution ideas and tried methods
What I want to achieve


Take the answer :

In case of such error reporting, I usually do it in several steps :
Check the general error reporting problem , Just take a lot of your mistakes Connect IP What? , First of all, it can be ruled out that the network is connected, because without the network, how can there be an external network IP, Then there is the question of whether there is no suitable package , The link will be rejected if it cannot be obtained for a long time , This can obviously determine whether Baidu's corresponding system is compatible , Then there is the problem of doubting the download source , because Linux Basically, many packages rely on GitHUb Or other foreign , It will also lead to the situation that the package can not be obtained after a long timeout , At this time, we have to change Ali's source 、 Or Qinghuayuan, etc , This can basically solve the problems you encounter .

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