What are the representatives of offline digital warehouse open source?

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What are the representatives of offline digital warehouse open source ?

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Traditionally , Offline warehouse ( Open source to Hive/Spark As a representative , Close the source to Ali MaxCompute、Snowflake、AWS Redshift、Google BigQuery And so on , as well as Vertica、Oracle、HANA Etc IT manufacturer ), Flow computation ( With Flink/Spark Structured Streaming As a representative ), Data service layer (HBase、MySQL、ES、Redis etc. ) Together, it forms the standard architecture of big data processing :Lambda framework .Lambda The architecture provides real-time data services (serving) Ability . In recent years , With ClickHouse、Apache Doris、 Ali Hologres And so on , Write detailed data in real time + The flexible interactive query part realizes Lambda framework , In real time 、 flexibility 、 cost 、 Management, operation and maintenance and other aspects have reached a good balance . With 2021 Annual double 11 The perfect ending of , Application of real-time data warehouse technology in Alibaba double 11 The scene has also experienced many years of practice and development . From early chimney development based on different operations , To the data warehouse based on domain hierarchical modeling , Then to the new integrated one-stop architecture of analysis service integration , The development efficiency is gradually improved , Data quality is more guaranteed , It also precipitates more technological innovation .

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