Problems encountered in exercises when learning C

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The phenomenon and background of the problem

Exercises done , It has been modified according to the standard answer that can be run , But it will still report an error

#include <stdio.h>
// Enter an integer number , Then apply for the corresponding size of memory , Then read a string , The input length of the string is less than the size of the initial input integer , Finally, output the input string
int main()
int i;
scanf("%d", &i);
char* p;
p =(char*)malloc(i);
char c ;
return 0;

Operation results and error reporting contents

Run to the puts(p) You will report an error in the wrong place
0x00007FFEE220F130 (ucrtbased.dll) It's about ( be located Homework .exe in ) Thrown exception : 0xC0000005: Write location 0xFFFFFFFFC3A0EDB0 Access conflict occurred when .


My solution ideas and tried methods

Tried puts(p) Switch to printf("%s",p), The result will still be printf I'd like to report a mistake

What I want to achieve

Solve the problem of error reporting , I wonder if this is the problem with my computer

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