FME2022.1和ArcGIS Pro3.0.1兼容问题

CSDN问答 2022-09-23 10:39:54 阅读数:782

 本人安装了FME2022.1和ArcGIS Pro3.0.1,用“Esri Geodatabase (File Geodb)”打开GDB文件时,失败!提示:Unable to connect to the File Geodatabase at 'D:*.gdb'. Make sure the correct filename was specified, and that the Geodatabase wasn't saved with a newer version of ArcGIS than the one installed locally. The error number from ArcObjects is: '-2147220952'. The error message from ArcObjects is: {} FME中的Python编译器已经选了ArcGIS Pro3.9,但还是出错,请问如何解决?