Ubuntu 编译SRS ./configure 报错 ERROR: opus not found using pkg-config

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Ubuntu20.04.2 LTS 上安装SRS ,到 ./configure 的时候报错,终端日志如下:
sudo ./configure User config: --x86-x64 --prefix=/usr/local/software/srs/srs4.0Detail config: --prefix=/usr/local/software/srs/srs4.0 --config=conf/srs.conf --hls=on --hds=off --dvr=on --ssl=on --https=on --ssl-1-0=off --ssl-local=off --sys-ssl=off --transcode=on --ingest=on --stat=on --http-callback=on --http-server=on --stream-caster=on --http-api=on --utest=off --cherrypy=off --srt=on --rtc=on --simulator=off --cxx11=on --cxx14=off --ffmpeg-fit=on --nasm=on --srtp-nasm=on --clean=on --gperf=off --gmc=off --gmd=off --gmp=off --gcp=off --gprof=off --static=off --shared-st=off --shared-srt=off --shared-ffmpeg=off --log-verbose=off --log-info=off --log-trace=on --gcov=off --debug=off --debug-stats=off --cross-build=off --cc=gcc --cxx=g++ --ar=ar --ld=ld --randlib=randlibSRS_WORKDIR: ., SRS_OBJS_DIR: objs, SRS_OBJS: ./objs, SRS_PLATFORM: Platform-Linux-5.15.0-GCC9.4.0-SRS5-x86_64Checking gcc/g++/gdb/make.Required tools are ok.Installing tools for Ubuntu.SRT enable, install depend toolsTools for Ubuntu are installed.OS_IS_LOONGARCH64:, OS_IS_MIPS64:, OS_IS_LOONGSON:SED is sed_utilityThe state-threads is ok.The openssl-1.1-fit is ok.The libsrtp-2-fit is ok.The opus-1.3.1 is ok.Building ffmpeg-4-fit.ERROR: opus not found using pkg-configIf you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latestversion from Git. If the latest version fails, report the problem to [email protected] mailing list or IRC #ffmpeg on irc.freenode.net.Include the log file "ffbuild/config.log" produced by configure as this will helpsolve the problem.Build ffmpeg-4-fit failed, ret=1
其中错误内容为:ERROR: opus not found using pkg-config。
网上各种百度都是说编译FFmpeg的时候遇到,没有编译SRS 的时候遇到吗?
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