What is the development trend of edge cloud technology?

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What is the development trend of edge cloud technology?

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Diversified and heterogeneous development."Evolution and Development of Edge Cloud Technology White Paper" e-book, click https://developer.aliyun.com/ebook/download/7833 to download the full version

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Currently, edge cloud computing is still in the initial stage of development. Key technologies such as MEC, edge cloud native, and edge AI, as well as a series of industry standards are still evolving., The input-output ratio of edge cloud will continue to be optimized, and its value to enterprise customers will be further revealed.In addition to internal factors, the maturity of downstream scenarios is also crucial for edge clouds.Especially in the industrial Internet of Things, autonomous driving, cloud games, VR/AR and other scenarios that have the most rigid demand for edge cloud, most of the technology, demand, business model or industrial chain have pain points, so large-scale commercial use has not been realized.National policy will often be an important enabler for these scenarios.In summary, based on the equation of the number of potential customers × penetration rate × customer unit price, the outbreak of edge cloud not only depends on the development and maturity of the industry itself, but also needs to pay attention to the large-scale commercialization of key downstream scenarios.The development stage of the edge cloud computing industry Standing on the shoulders of cloud computing, with the implementation of application scenarios to achieve in-depth expansion

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